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Class 6 to 10

Academic Curriculum
Our Middle School is dedicated to educational brilliance. We distinguish each student as a unique gift and our program facilitates students to reconnoitre and develop their logical, physical and emotional prospective. Our academic and extracurricular programs also provide students with a wide range of experiences that develop their critical thinking skills. The basic motive here is to develop the students’ academic and character strength as well as instil in them an understanding of the global perspective. We manage to achieve our goals with the partnership of teachers, parents and students as we believe that all three must tread forward in tandem.

Secondary Classes (VI -VIII)
In the Secondary School, we offer subjects as per the affiliated board. Students of Classes VI to VIII are required to study three languages so that they are well-versed in various dialects. The main subjects offered here are English Language and Literature, Hindi or Sanskrit offered as the second language, French, German or Spanish as a third language. Other subjects offered are Mathematics, Information-Technology (Basic Information) or Computer-Science, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Social Sciences (History, Civics and Geography), Environmental Education, Life- Skills and Value-Education.

The middle school faculty and management are committed to stimulating and mentoring their students in all aspects of school life. The grade-level teacher teams synchronize programs and monitor student progress on a regular basis. The teaching methodology, which is marked by active learning experiences, is interdisciplinary. Stress is laid on the intimate link between the classroom and the world outside, where the child has to show his real strength and character. Our Student-teacher ratio is 10:1 and this facilitates an environment in which students and teachers know each other very well. Students feel relaxed in asking teachers for help and the latter readily give support.

Academic Session
The new academic session starts in the first week of April and ends in the last week of March.
School breaks three times in an academic year for vacations. There are several other holidays listed in the calendar. We are firm on the matter that you plan your family time out in the free days and not make your ward miss school. Unnecessary leaves can lead to us taking harsh decisions.

Promotion Policy
Students’ performance is evaluated through a system of constant and all-inclusive appraisal in the secondary classes. It is done through weekly class-tests, quarterly semester examinations followed by half-yearly and annual examinations. Students are graded according to the combined performance in all the listed exams. Passing all subjects is mandatory in order to be promoted to the next class.

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