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We provide tasty and nutritious meals in breakfast and lunch.
We Implement creative and progressive teaching methods.
Your child is in safe hands even after school from 12 noon to 5:30 in the evening.

5 Acres Campus with Sports Facility

Best International Standard Sports Infrastructure in Bhopal...
 The Best CBSE School in Bhopal

The Oriental School
The Oriental School is distinguished by its unique approach and values towards learning and its commitment to provide quality education. We encourage educating the mind, heart and soul, through innovative pedagogical approaches, thereby inculcating cherished values.
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The Best CBSE school in Bhopal

Explore More About The Best CBSE School in Bhopal: The Oriental School

The Oriental School, an international school in Bhopal, and recognized as the best CBSE school in Bhopal, was established with the visionary leadership of its founder, Dr. KL Thakral. The Oriental Group, established in the field of Technical and Professional Education, has ventured at grass root level, to nurture young children as ‘Holistic Beings’.

The majestic campus, creates awe and reverence for the immortal founder while the ambience stimulating and purposeful learning. The Oriental philosophy, embedded in the hallowed walls, endeavours for academic excellence, indicating intellectual curiosity, alongside.

The Best CBSE School in Bhopal is Providing Academic Excellence!

One is amazed with the untiring efforts of the staff at The Oriental School, which is recognized as an international school in Bhopal. They strive to discipline young minds with good habits, positive human values and also give them wings, to develop broad outlook towards life-so rightly portraying the vision of its founder.

Be the part of The Oriental School, an international school Bhopal, where we converge academic excellence and holistic development to transform your educational journey!

  • Smart Campus Features
  • Dance, Music And Drama
  • Counseling and Pastoral Care
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Our Vision

At our institution, recognized as an international school in Bhopal, our aim is to cultivate progressive, understanding, and successful holistic beings among our students. By providing them a lively and purposeful atmosphere, we strive to be the best CBSE school in Bhopal fostering the pursuit of excellence.

Our Mission

The Oriental School prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our students get the full perks of studying in the best cbse school in Bhopal and develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy.

  • To introduce co-curricular learning and ensure holistic development.
  • To make the child confident and ready to step out in today’s global scenario.
  • To promote openness, respect and bring out tolerance.
  • To provide a vibrant atmosphere for quality education.

Green School Certification

As the best CBSE school in Bhopal, we are committed to instilling sustainability in our students and staff and to pursue a concept we have tied up with ASMERO green school program. The driving idea behind the concept is the intent of imbibing within the existing eco system the values and necessity to consider the impact and consequences of activities and development undertaken. This will create an affinity amongst the students towards development of society in a sustainable manner.

  • We have used energy efficient LEDs, fans and appliances to minimize carbon footprint from the school premises.
  • Our building and campus comprise of lush green cover creating pollution free environment.
  • We use low flow plumbing fixtures for ensuring water conservation and effective water management.
  • The school has further planned in future for saving tentatively a carbon footprint of 15-20 tons annually.
  • We will also emphasize on incorporating rain water harvesting practices & building a plastic free campus.
  • We are dedicated to creating a greener, more sustainable future for our students and the community.

Meet The Management At The Best CBSE School In Bhopal

In the field of education since 1995, imparting quality education in the disciplines of Engineering, Pharmacy, Management and Advanced Computer Studies. Now has kept the foot forward for young generation to educate them to be a good human being.

Dr. K.L. Thakral
Mr. Praveen Thakral

Academic Structure




Nursery, KG, LKG
(Lower Kindergarten) & UKG
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Class 1st to 5th
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Class 6th - 8th
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Sr. Secondary

Sr. Secondary

Class 9th - 11th
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Our Philosophy

The Oriental School, recognized as the best CBSE school in Bhopal firmly believes in 5Ps to lay the unshakable foundation for the growth and progress of our students.


Through our dynamic and customized curriculum, we develop and sow the seeds of the purpose of life in every growing child.


A sayer is not a good doer. Believing in this philosophy, The Oriental School, create a culture of executing an aim through rigorous preparation.

Positive Attitude

Attitude is not something that is outside in us. But attitude is something that is inside in us, and that is counted.


Our students are always the top performer in their chosen field. As the best school in Bhopal, we focus on nurturing performers.

Principled Individual

Through our mentorship, we try to make our students hone up the skills of becoming principled as well as disciplined individuals.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Our Legacy

Oriental Group of Institutes, Bhopal

In the year 1995, Chairman Dr. K.L. Thakral laid the foundation of the Oriental Group of Institutes, an independent self-financed group to deliver the best quality education and cater to the needs of modern students in streams such as Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, and Advanced Computer studies.

The group has colleges of repute in Indore, Bhopal, and Jabalpur, and has a very prominent presence in the Central region, transforming the lives of many students. As it is recognized as the best CBSE school in Bhopal, Oriental Group is running under the Devi Shakuntala Thakral Charitable Foundation, Bhopal. It has always been the centre of attraction when it comes to seizing the opportunity whether to be as a teacher or a student who aims to carve out a successful career. The reputation of this Group in Central India as a placement hub has attracted many State and Central Government-Sponsored Projects, to the denominations of several lakhs.

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We've achieved an enviable reputation for research and teaching excellence.


Abhirati (Annual Function)


Educational trips


Club Activities


International Yoga Day

Callol Day

Callol Day (Sports Day)


Classroom Activities


Swimming Competition


Summer Camp

Event Calendar


TOS is renowned for encouraging academic excellence & celebrating


Sport is enthusiastically celebrated throughout TOS


Musicians, Vocalists, Performers, Debaters and Dancers can all shine at TOS

Campus Life - Our Facilities

Building a vibrant community of creative and accomplished people. We offer world-class facilities.

Swimming of the best cbse school in bhopal


Skillful swimming at our school—building confidence, strength, and a lifelong love for water safety.
mess best cbse school in bhopal

Mess Facility

Discover wholesome dining at our mess facility—nutritious meals served in a vibrant, communal setting, fostering well-being for our students.
sports best cbse school in bhopal

Sports academy

Elevate athleticism at our sports academy—where passion meets performance, shaping champions for a lifetime

Kids Play-Zone

Unleash joy at our Kids Play-Zone—where laughter and creativity abound, fostering happy memories in a playful haven.


Day Care

Experience trusted care in our nurturing Day Care—providing a safe and engaging environment for your child's growth and happiness.


Explore knowledge and imagination in our library—a quiet haven where students dive into a world of books, fostering a love for learning.

Computer Lab

Empower learning in our cutting-edge Computer Lab—a hub of innovation where students explore technology, coding, and digital skills for a dynamic future.

Science & Math Labs

Unleash curiosity in our Science & Math Labs—innovative spaces where hands-on experimentation and exploration redefine the boundaries of learning.

Music Arts & Culture

Harmonize creativity at our Music, Arts & Culture hub—where students explore diverse expressions, fostering a vibrant tapestry of talent and inspiration.

Trusted by over 5000+ students

Join our The Oriental School to enhance the talents and unearth the hidden skills

Updates and Circulars


Admissions Are Open For The Session 2024-25

Admissions against vacancy: Grade Pre-Nursery to XII
For more details, Please contact: +91-7477064 111, 7477084 111

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