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Sports & Clubs

International Standard Sports Infrastructure

A sound and healthy body keeps sound and attentive mind

Experienced wellness teachers on our campus encourage our students to take part in outdoor activities. Students and their parents are educated on the importance of physical activities and the growth of their children, in the era of indoor games.

Amongst the biggest USP’s of our school is the availability of a large spectrum of sports facilities designed in adherence to the highest global specifications. We are fortunate to offer a state-of-art sports and swimming centre, including a fully equipped gymnasium, electronic scoreboard, sound system and basketball and netball courts with grandstand changing rooms.
In an expansive area of more than ten acres of beautiful sporting fields, we have built a football oval, tennis courts and a hockey ground. Our indoor gym as well as the basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton courts has been refurbished for the junior learners.

There is always so much happening before and after school. Each student exercises every day, either with a specialist Physical Education teacher or his/her coach. Parents interested are also welcome to contribute to the co-curricular program, should they choose to do so.

Sports Ethos

We aspire to achieve the highest standards in sports development through diligence, commitment, respect, discipline, collaboration, resilience, optimism, courage and persistence. We intend to provide a disciplined setting where players work together, taking pride in themselves and their environment. They ought to be perfect models of behaviour, as well as should be honest and compassionate.


Our learners have a plethora of choices that are exciting and engaging. Some of the sports offered are hockey, tennis, netball, basketball, cricket, T-ball, softball, baseball, table tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, cross-country running and athletics. We take part in local, zone and regional competitions which can lead to state and national selection for our top students. Our able learners are often offered the opportunity to try for district or national teams if they represent the school in that sport. We take part in district athletics, swimming and cross-country competitions.

Hot / Wet Weather Sports Practice Policy

In our school, sports practices are held as scheduled. When the weather is extreme (hot or wet), an alternative activity is held indoors. If parents feel otherwise, they are welcome to withdraw their ward from the said sport.

• Cricket
• Volleyball
• Football
• Karate
• Badminton
• Swimming
• Athletics

• Tennis
• Table Tennis
• Kho Kho
• Yoga & Aerobics
• Basket Ball
• Skating
• Chess


More Than Mere Exercise

Unlike many animals that retain their natural ability to swim, six months after our birth, we humans have to learn how to keep our bodies afloat and move in water. But knowing how to swim is more than a sport, it is a fundamental life skill. Studies have shown that when a child learns how to be safe in water, they automatically gain confidence, develop new skills and make healthier life choices. Swimming also serves as great low-strain exercise. It is good for the heart, lungs and muscles without adding strain to the joints. Adding a swimming pool to our school’s infrastructure allows us to give your child access to all the benefits of swimming.

The Joy Of Swimming


Swimming is sometimes referred to as the perfect exercise. It not only improves muscle definition and builds core strength, it also builds bone mass and enhances lung performance. Australian research demonstrated that children who were regular swimmers had better mastery over language, finer tuned motor skills, besides having superior physical development and confidence as compared to a control group of non-swimmers. Thanks to our swimming pool, our students have the facility for a holistic workout and a whole lot of fun at the same time. Through swimming we hope to inculcate in our students qualities like self-discipline, a sense of time management, and confidence. Whether beginner or advanced swimmer, all our students have access to the swimming pool for physical education. Our students also enjoy aquatic extracurricular activities like competitive swimming and water polo.

Swimming Programmes

Our pool is open to students and faculty throughout the day. Through our school swimming programme, we reward and encourage their swimming progress and efforts. Students are gifted with certificates for accomplishments and have a chance to show off their swimming skills in inter-house swimming contests. We also have a Swim Club for students who especially enjoy swimming to make the most of their hobby and our facility.

Staying Safe

We take great pride in our school infrastructure and our swimming pool is designed to meet all health and safety guidelines according to the National Building Code. Qualified staff maintain a high degree of cleanliness and proper water chemistry in our pool at all times. Students are always under the watchful eyes of trained lifeguards and are strongly discouraged from breaking pool rules to ensure the best swimming experience for everyone.

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